About Us

We are a consulting firm offering technical expertise to the chemical industry, hence the name: E2C. E2C is a limited liability company registered in the State of Texas with numerous satisfied clients. Our partners are a strong team of technical experts with a wide variety of skills and talents.

Over the last thirty years, our accomplishments have included:
--Developed, tested and helped sell coatings, adhesives, construction chemicals, sealants, aerosols, cleaners and lubricants.
--Led the successful development and reformulation of $multi-million products; hold multiple patents.
--Solved problems in production and presented at numerous conferences, trade shows and webinars.
--Published technical articles and written product literature.
--Set up laboratories from scratch and managed lab personnel.

Companies reach out to us when they need help solving problems they can’t solve on their own.

Our services include:

Chemical Analysis & Interpretation: Facilitating the right chemical analysis and interpreting the results.

Expert Witness: Providing technical expertise needed to legal teams when a lawsuit starts.

Formula Development: Developing and adjusting formulas of chemical products.

Technical Presentations: Helping sell your products through articulate, well-delivered speeches to customers or at trade shows.

Technical Support: Helping sell your products and resolve potentially costly technical issues.

Contact E2C to discuss technical problems you are experiencing relating to chemical products. We are your technical team when you have a problem.