Formula Development:
E2C has developed hundreds of new formulas over the years and has an in-depth understanding of the correct way to develop and test a new product. We also have many years of lab management experience and can coach your staff on new product development.

Reasons for formula development are:
--You're trying to get into new markets.
--You need a product to fill a gap in a product line.
--You're having issues with the performance of an existing formula that needs to be addressed.
--A raw material is in short supply and you need to find a replacement.
--An expensive formula needs to be cost-optimized.

E2C specializes in formulas for these types of products :
Coatings; Adhesives; Lubricants; Sealants; Construction Chemicals; Aerosols; Cleaners

Chemical Analysis:
You may need to have chemical analysis carried out to understand how a chemical product has changed. Or perhaps you need to understand what’s in your competitor’s product. Maybe you need to know about impurities that might be present in something. There might be a lawsuit where someone is alleging that a chemical is (or isn’t) present. It’s important to know the correct chemical analysis to carry out. We have that expertise. E2C is connected with many laboratories and know their capabilities. When the results come back, we have the expertise to interpret the results. If you’re having some reverse engineering carried out, it’s very important to understand which chemicals have been identified and where they can be obtained. E2C has a very extensive library of chemical products that are currently available and will help you choose the right ones.

Expert Witness:
When a lawsuit is started relating to a product failure, the lawyers involved usually need help from chemical experts. With our many years of experience with chemical products we are the right company to contact. Having helped with numerous legal cases, E2C can partner with a legal team to help facilitate the right outcome. That usually involves having tests run on the products cited in the lawsuit. We will figure out which tests to have run and we’ll coordinate the testing and interpretation of results. E2C will present winning arguments in reports, depositions and, if necessary, in court.

Technical Presentations:
Do you need a technical expert to give an articulate presentation to a customer or at a trade show? Want to give a webinar on a technical topic but don’t have anyone to give it? Do you need to give technical training to staff or to customers? E2C is very experienced at presenting and has given many technical presentations at webinars, trade shows, customer groups and to internal employees. Combine that with our technical knowledge of chemistry, formula compositions and markets for industrial chemicals. E2C's technical presentations on products for the chemical industry are top notch.

Technical Support:
Successful chemical companies are very good at producing their products. But they are not always as knowledgeable about how their customers (or their customer’s customers) use them. With our many years of experience formulating and testing coatings, adhesives, construction chemical products, cleaners, sealants, aerosols and lubricants, E2C is the right firm to partner with to offer technical support to your customers. We have interacted with customers many times and have a good understanding of the customer-supplier dynamic. Smaller chemical companies can’t justify having a full time staff of people handling technical support. Sometimes technical support is thrust upon the company’s lab chemists, who may not be best suited to interact with customers. Contact E2C about being the technical support arm of your company.